Dale Phillips Memorial

Speaking Notes for John Findlay
Representative of Alberta Natural Resources Officers’ Association

I am honored to speak on behalf of our association. The Alberta Natural Resources Officers’ Association came into existence in April of 2002. From the very first meeting to establish this association Dale was involved. Dale volunteered to represent the Conservation Officers of southeastern Alberta. He attended association meetings and ensured those that he represented were well informed.

Our association has objectives that encourage professionalism, promote high standards of park management, create liaisons with other agencies, as well as encourage a greater level of camaraderie and esprit de corps within Alberta’s Conservation Officers.

Being a Conservation Officer was an important part of who Dale was. He went to work everyday proud of what he did for a living. He contributed in many ways. He was well liked by all that he worked with including other agencies such as the RCMP. Dale liked telling me a story about going to play hockey with an RCMP member from Nanton or Claresholm. They often traveled to the games in the police cruiser.

People that came to know and appreciate the many qualities that Dale personified submitted the following comments to me:

“Dale was always active within our association and willing to contribute to group activities and very effective in his quiet way.”

“Dale was a knowledgeable person whom I came to count on, he was always professional and willing to help.”

“Dale was a leader who exhibited his skill in a humble and unassuming way. He was a go-to guy.”

Dale epitomized the objectives our association has set out to achieve.

When Dale was diagnosed with Cancer he had to undergo six weeks of radiation. Judy told me that five days a week for six weeks Dale went for this treatment, and the only t-shirt that he would wear were his green Conservation Officer t-shirts. Dale was very proud to be a Conservation Officer within Alberta’s Parks and Protected Areas.

When Dale transferred to Brooks in 1992 he became a very important part of the Brooks District team. His knowledge, experience and ability to work with anyone including contractors, were valuable assets. I had the good fortune to work for Dale in Brooks. We shared many coffees both at work and on the back porch of Dale and Judy’s home. Rarely did we differ in opinion but on one occasion we came to blows. After that Dale and I never played side-by-side in the outfield again. Dale enjoyed his golf, I got the chance to golf with him many times, I think of our friendly competitions fondly.

I learned many things from Dale but probably none more important than how work and family can co-exist. I watched with great interest as Judy and Dale raised Shaun and Jace whom have grown into fine young men. Dale was very involved in Shaun and Jace’s lives. Coaching, managing and even coordinating ice times for all of Brooks Minor Hockey. If you needed something organized, Dale was your man. As mentioned before, Dale was always a go-to guy.

Again, I am honored to be here to represent the association that Dale helped to build. I would also like to mention at this time that ANROA will be honoring Dale with an award in his name recognizing outstanding contributions by Conservation Officers made to within their communities.

Judy and Jace, I would like to take this time to thank you for coming down to Dinosaur today, and allowing me to be a part of this special celebration of Dale.

Thank you.

Dale Phillips’ Career

  • Dale was hired as a temporary Parks Officer I from June 3, 1974 – October 2, 1974. (Lands and Forests)
  • Dale was hired as a temporary Parks Officer I (Seasonal Trainee) from May 5, 1975 – March 3, 1976 (Lands and Forests –Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park)
  • Hired as a Parks Officer I from May 6, 1976 to January 12, 1977
  • Appointed to a temporary salaried position from January 13, 1977 to May 15, 1977
  • Dale was hired into a permanent Park Ranger II position at Pigeon Lake effective May 16, 1977.
  • Transferred to Chain Lakes, as Ranger in Charge – Date ?
  • Transferred to Midland Provincial Park as Ranger in Charge  Park Ranger I ), April 1, 1989 (Recreation and Parks)
  • Reclassified August 1, 1989 to a Park Ranger III.
  • Transferred to Brooks as District Ranger, Badlands District (Park Ranger 11 ) – Date – 92 ?
  • Reclassified to Area Resource Coordinator
    (Conservation Officer II ) – Brooks, effective June 1, 1999.
  • Appointed to District Team Leader, Conservation Officer III – Grande Prairie effective August 1, 2003 (lateral transfer)

Dale had 29 years, 6 months service.