Members, the AGM is coming up in Red Deer on April 9, 2016 @ 0930hrs at the Red Deer Legion (2810 Bremner Ave, Red Deer). Facility costs and coffee will be covered by ANROA this year but lunch will be ordered by each attendee at their own cost from the Legion Restaurant.

Please keep in mind that this is an ANROA Executive voting year. Positions will be available at all levels of the Executive and the Regional Reps. Please consider stepping up to offer your service to the Membership for a 2 year term. If you are not able to attend the AGM, but have interest in being on Executive, please contact Dan and Karen in writing by email, so that we might indicate on your behalf.

The AGM is a great time to get caught up on membership dues as well. Treasurer Don will be available to process memberships through the day.

Nominations for the Dale Philips Memorial Award and Officer of the Year are open. Please refer to Karen’s e-mail for rules regarding nominations. Members putting forward a nomination can e-mail both Karen and Dan prior to APRIL 1, 2016.

Hope to see you all there.


2009 Recruit Firing Line

2009 Recruit Class

2009 Recruit Class Firearm Training

For two weeks spread over March and April the 2009 Parks Conservation Officer Recruit Class participated in both the long arm and handgun training.

The training took place at Medicine Hat Alberta. The new officers were trained and certified in the three weapons Conservation Officers are required to carry while on duty.

The first week of training concentrated on long arm weapons. The recruits were trained in both the 30cal. rifle and the 12 gauge shotgun.

The second week brought about training in the Glock 40cal. handgun.

Throughout the training the recruits were taught firearm safety/handling, fundamentals, marksmanship, tactical considerations and policy.

All the new recruits had to qualify to the AACP (Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police) standard in order to pass and attain certification in each firearm.

Congratulations to the 2009 Conservation Officer Class.

All instructors would like to express that it was a pleasure instructing you and we are all looking forward to working along side you in the field. Welcome to the team folks!!


ANROA’s 25th Anniversary Curling Bonspiel and Dinner 2009

The Brier, here they come! Well ok maybe not, but they definitely perfected some type of game that looked like curling.

On Saturday April 4th, 2009, ANROA held a curling event in Sherwood Park, Alberta in conjunction to ANROA’s 25th Anniversary. There were 14 teams registered and several others observing the unnatural phenomena. Several unique individuals participated in the ANROA Brier including the Ginger Bread Man himself.

Other participants included, Officers from around the province, Edmonton head quarter staff, Maintenance Staff, Admin Support staff and Alumni. The first set of games played seemed normal enough with normal scoring taking place, however it went array from there.

The organizers decided to upset the balance of things and make the game interesting by throwing in a few challenges. Ends included throwing the rock with your opposite hand, curling blindfolded, throwing the rock with an oven mitt and finally the challenge of throwing the rock to the other end with both feet in the hacks.

Throughout the day people had a great time socializing and embracing the fun atmosphere. The final curling event for the day was a slightly smelly affair. Barefoot curling! Yes you read it right bare foot curling.

Thirty one participants paid a toonie to throw one rock down the ice in bare feet to see who could get closest to the button. Several things were realized in this competition, one being that ice very cold on the feet and the second being that bare skin does not slide that great on ice.

Following the great day of events an amazing supper was served by the Sherwood Park Curling Club. During supper door prizes and silent auction items were given out. After supper the trophies for the days events were awarded.

The winning team was “Let’s Laugh who included Terry Retzlaff, Debbie Retzlaff, Frank Key and Debbie Key.

The “Tail End Award” was given to team “Ice Cold”, who included Darwyn Berndt, Nathan Brown, Donna Schley and a pick up.

The third trophy that was handed out was the Old Time Curler Award, this prize went to John Kristensen the former ADM of Alberta Parks (Alumni).

The fourth award was the “You Come Along Way Baby” award which is awarded to the person who traveled the furthest to come to the ANROA Event. This went to Darwyn Berndt, ANROA’s current Vice President.

The “Best Individual Costume” was awarded to Dan Neath, aka Dan the Gingerbread Man and the Best Team Costume was awarded to “Right on the Button” consisting of Logan VanImschoot, Tracy VanImschoot, Curtis Nichol and Angela Sztym.

Special thanks to the organizers and the much needed volunteers. These folks include Natasha Jensen, Myles Jensen, Carmen Jensen, Dixie Colter, Logan VanImschoot, Caroline Crell, Kim Monkman, Kerry Hope, Anita Schmidt, Wayne Edwards, Kyle Clifford and Darwyn Berndt. Without these folks this event would not have been as big a success as it was.
2009 ANROA Curling Bonspiel Video

Dan the Ginger Breadman

Darwyn’s Views

Right on the Button Sweeping up the competition

Ken Sloman at the Finish Line

Officer Natasha Jensen works a Feed Station


21st Annual Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival

On Saturday, February 14th, 2009, The Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Recreation Area was once again the venue for the 21st annual Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival. This festival is the largest classical cross-country ski event in North America. This event is one of three in the World. The original historic one in Lillehammer, Norway, the second largest in Hayward, Wisconsin and of courses this one. This actual event is inspired by Norwegian Warriors. In 1206 they carried the little Prince Haakon travelling on skis wearing birch bark leggings. They traveled 55km to safety over mountain terrain in the dead of winter to save him from the raging civil war. Rescuing the Prince from the war, later turn out to be very good because when he was crowned King of Norway it ended the civil war.

The new Snow Groomer Blackfoot received, courtesy of the Canadian Birkebeiner efforts and grant applications through them, has been named the Prince Haakon (The Hawk), also in memory of this historic 1206 event.

Previous years have seen as many as 2200+ participants resulting in over 4000 people on site for the event. As in the past, The Canadian Birkebeiner Society put on another successful event, pulling in just over 1400 skiers and a large number of volunteers.

The staff at the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Recreation Area requires various assistance to host this event. We always need the same high quality assistance that we have had in past years. Without this help, the event could not operate as smoothly as in the past.

This event is a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well. The Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Staff and other volunteers who join us each year look forward to this day. Come out and join in the fun!


Park-taking In the Parade of Lights

On December 6th, 2008, Rocky Mountain House held their Annual Parade Of Lights. Alberta Parks and Sustainable Resource Development joined forces to enter a parade entry. There was a total of 2 floats both portraying a winter recreational theme.

Also involved were the Alberta Junior Forest Wardens as they were perched high atop the well thought out float designs. Forest officers, SRD Fire/Mountain Pine Beetle information officers, Forest Guardians and 2 local Conservation Officers walked along side the floats. The CO’s that were involved in the parade and float making were Logan VanImschoot, Curtis Nichol, Robert Peake and Myles Jensen.

The talented CO’s, SRD Staff and their significant others worked hard all day Friday afternoon and well in to the evening, preparing the floats. The SRD and Parks collaborative efforts worked very well as it gave the Community of Rocky a chance to see the constructive prowess of our 2 Ministries.

A fun time was had by all and the hard work shows dedication to our jobs and a great relationship…Way to go guys!!!!

Junior Forest Wardens Enjoy the Warn Weather

Curtis Nichol, Logan VanImschoot, their Significant others and Bertie Beaver
Boat Safety Program Assists Brooks Fire Department /RCMP

A good relationship between Alberta’s Enforcement & Public Safety Teams are key to the success of any and all agencies.

On October 15, 16 and 17th, the Alberta Parks Boat Safety Program was honored to have the opportunity to travel down to Brooks to train 7 willing and dedicated firemen and 1 RCMP member in basic boat operations and water safety rescue. The course was well received not only by the students but by the instructors as well as they were able to try out some new components that will be incorporated in the full week course that is held in early June.

Thanks to Phil Hofer for putting this together in such short notice and enabling our officers to bridge a great working relationship with our partner agencies.


‘Doin’ a Diamond Hitch’
Alberta Parks Horsepacking Clinic

On June 17 & 18, 2008 , previously certified riders from Alberta Parks met at Rock Lake Provincial Park to be taught and refresh horsepacking skills required to complete backcountry patrols in Eastern Slopes Alberta Parks. Conservation Officers learned from accomplished Conservation Officer horsemen, Grant Kihn and Mike O’Reilly about packing equipment, methods, safe practices and horse use to compliment students’ knowledge previously gained from the 4 day Alberta Parks Equestrian Course in Millarville, AB.
Alberta Parks-owned horses provided the Officers with practice ‘packs-on’ experience as well as mounts for the 2nd day ride to rehearse a packstring ride into the Wilmore Wilderness Park backcountry. Mounted patrols are completed in several Parks in the province including Wilmore Wilderness Park, Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park, Rock Solomon Wildland Park, Kananaskis Country’s Sheep District, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Cypress Hills District, Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary and Pincher Creek District.

Officer Kihn demonstrates a Diamond Hitch

Packing demonstration with “Rainy”

Officer Forsyth explains the bucket snare

Officer Gibson works with Telemetry


Wildlife/Human Conflict Prevention Course

Officers from around the Province along with the Recruit Class of 2008 participated in a 4 day Course involving Human/Wildlife Prevention. The course covered topics such as Snaring & Culvert Traps, Bear Aversion, Wildlife Tracks & Signs and Wildlife Diseases.

Guest speakers included Melanie Percy (AB Parks), Terry Mack (Fish & Wildlife), Margo Pybus (Fish & Wildlife) and Jay Honeyman (Wind River Bear Institute). A large thank you goes out to these folks for sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

The final day was a science day that involved 4 guest speakers. Mike Gibeau (National Parks) enlightened all that attended on Bear Management Issues and how the National Parks have been dealing with these issues. The second speaker, Angela Kortello, shared her findings on the Banff cougar Study in which she led. Glynnis Hood (former National Park Warden, Augustana Professor) gave a very informative talk on Beavers and issues surrounding the large ingenious rodent. The final speaker of the day was Dianne Wittner who showed the audience the more solitude and intriguing side to one of Alberta’s more common animals the Coyote.

The week involved a lot of material to digest but was greeted well by all and thanks go out to the Alberta Parks Wildlife Specialists for putting on a great course.